Description :

4 isochronous differential analog inputs, isolated, filtered
Function fully programmable
Gains ranging from 1/4 to 800
Offset ± 100% through a 16-bit DAC
8 th order programmable filters, type BUTTERWORTH or BESSEL
Selectable cutoff frequencies from 5Hz to 50KHz
Ripple ≤ ± 0.2dB (DC to 0.7CF)
Phase shift ≤ ± 1° (DC to 0.8CF)
16-bit SADC / 4µs (200KHz / channel)
16-bit voltage/current DAC excitation
Cond.: V,I,TH,PT100,PT1000,ACC,POT, ICP
VME and inter-channel galvanic isolation

Datasheet :

ICV 140-E.pdf

Manuel de l'utilisateur :