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Software and Module
Stations turnkey and associated products

Wiring / Configuration


How to combine ours boards, cables and conditioners : <<configurator>>


Embedded boards


acal-bus actp-aus   aisg-aus
accr-bus afmlp8-aus aidio-xus aisr-xus
achb-aus aiar-xus aigi-xus aitg-xus
acll-xus aibn-xus aihn-xus bat144-xus
aclv-xus   aihr-xus eips-bus Version Sacha
acm-xus   aipn-xus  
    aips-bus SACHA
acsg-bus aicp-dus   LISA
actg-aus aicp-cus    



  bci182-abi Obsolete bci360-aus ccv-aus
bci104-xus bci184-aus bci368-aus ccv04_07-xus
bci106-aus Obsolete   bci382-bus  
bci140-bus bci300rack-xus bci382-aus  
bci146-xus bci310-cus Obsolete bci390-dus Obsolete  
bci160-bus bci312-aus Obsolete bciprol-aus  
bci168-cus bci314-bus bcivisu-xus  
bci168-aus   cmb-aus  




cpci1150-bus     etxcd-xus
cpci1224-xus cpci264-bus Obsolete cpcisyn-aus  
cpci1228-bus cpci264-aus Obsolete    
cpci1264-bus cpci307-aus      




icm110-aus icm248-aus    
icm150-eus icm320-bus    
icm212-dbi icm240-afr Obsolete    
icm240-aus icm812-ebi    




icv101-cbi Obsolete icv138-bbi icv307-bus icvrec-xus
icv102-cbi Obsolete icv138e-cus icv307-abi  
icv104-cbi Obsolete icv140-dbi icv320-xus  
icv107-bus icv140e-eus icv502-aus  
icv108-aus   icv616-xus  
icv110-cus icv148-xus icv701-cus  
icv110-bus icv150-jus icv704-bus Obsolete  
icv112-xus Obsolete icv150-hus icv704-aus Obsolete  
icv117-bus Obsolete icv178-bus icv712-dus Obsolete  
icv120-cus icv196-fus icv714-aus  
icv126-bus Obsolete icv196-eus icv716-bus  
icv128e-cus icv248-aus icv724-bus Obsolete  
icv128e-bus icv296-aus icv726-cus  
  icv306-dbi Obsolete icvmux-aus  




ipc150-bbi Obsolete ipc164-bbi Obsolete ipc742-bbi Obsolete  


pam905-aus pamrack16-aus    




pci101-abi Obsolete pci224-aus    
pci102-aus pci264-bus        
pci1150-xus pci264-aus Obsolete    
pci120-abi Obsolete pci307-aus      
pci150-aus pci744-aus    
pci220-aus pci786-bus      




pcm801-ebi pmm801-xbi pvv800-cbi Obsolete  
pcv800-ebi pvm801-bus pvv900-aus  






cPCI rack






STB rack


stb306a_stb306iso-bus stb524-aus stb556-xus Obsolete stb584-aus
stb320-bus Obsolete stb532-aus stb560-bus stb652-aus
stb420-cus Obsolete stb534-aus stb562-aus stb658-aus
stb4acm-xus stb542-aus stb568-abi Obsolete stb6x2-bus
stb502-aus stb544-aus     stbssi-xus
stb512-aus stb546-xus stb572-cus Obsolete  
stb512-afr stb548-aus stb572-bus
Obsolete switch1553-xus
stb514-aus stb550-aus stb572-aus
stb516-bus stb552-bus stb582-cus Obsolete ucvrack-xbi Obsolete
stb520-aus stb554-aus stb582-bus Obsolete  



Telemetry Stations MAG 200 and related products


MAG-200 Mobile. MAG-200 Rackable MAG-200 Portable MAG-200 Ethernet
MAG-200 Simulator Station for UMA Station for RTR.  
Video Module Visualization Module NDA Module  
FM receiver board . PCM/FM et Synchro. bits Bit Synchro. board Frame synchro. board
bit Synchro. and Data Decom. Analog output board PCM Simulator  



Stations for Digital Bus MAG 300 and related products


MAG 300 station MIL-STD-1553 board ARINC429 board Digibus board
ARINC-664 board CAN board Serial multi-port board  



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