ASTRE is a tool to quickly and reliably test the electrical continuity of antistatic coatings.

ASTRE works on all types of composite materials, including finishing paints to appraise the antistatic coating quality.


ASTRE is used to validate, during production processes, an adequate coverage of the composite coating and after repair and maintenance activities, the return of the coating to the expected specification.


ASTRE is ideally suited for industrial applications where both control of properties and behavior of coatings are crucial: space, aeronautics, transport, industry, energy....




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Key features


Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use device

High shock resistance

Large autonomy (> 4 hours)

Broad measurement range

Auto Calibration Automatic recording of measurements (up to 999)

Time stamp measurement

ESD protection

CE Standard



    Two ASTRE versions for two types of control:


ASTRE R1 : Resistance measurements



Datasheet >>


ASTRE C1 : Conductance Measurements



Datasheet >>

Why ASTRE products?


Reliable, fast and accurate control tools

Robust and long-life product

Quick start by operators

Save time and productivity

Approved by Airbus



Calibration tool

Battery charger


Software kit for data transfer to PC (USB port)

Carry case


    ASTRE is used to control coating conductivity of civil aircrafts assembled in FAL TOULOUSE (France) before release from the production chain.