Test and Integration Solutions, Ground Equipment


As a major player in the space industry, NEXEYA provides developers/integrators of satellites and space launchers with state-of-the-art test systems and EGSE to carry out their critical space programs.


These means are based on our ever developing expertise and know-how in critical electronics throughout numerous client projects.


Our solutions are based on standard and proven hardware and software, combining high level of performances and reliability with costs and deadlines imposed by market.


In addition to the solutions presented hereafter, we built tailor-made solutions and we are at your side all along the life cycle of your products: from first definition up to operational phases.

  • Acquisition/generation of High Speed Numerical Links for functional validation requirements

  • Acquisition front-end and satellite image processing on LNR3 (3rd generation rapid digital link)


    The system is based on generic acquisition and high-speed generation cards (> 5GHz), and configurable modules for signal processing and adaptation.


      • Digital links VML technology series, CML and PECL compliant,

      • Design with the latest generation of FPGA programmable components (VIRTEX 6) to meet customer needs faster,

      • Manage multiple links simultaneously (up to 6) in real time ,

      • Pixel re-arrangement, statistical processing,...,

      • Possible to share acquisitions via Ethernet.

    Observation Space programs - CSO (2013) - HREOS (2017)

  • Test of Radars Altimeter Embarked on Satellites

  • Radar Echo Simulator


    Acquisition of RF radar signals (C-band or Ku band) - Conversion to digital signal and processing to simulate the affected target and propagation of an earth / Satellite route - Reconversion to analog signal for radar processing.

    Performances :

    • Analogic—digital conversions,

    • Altimeter interfacing,

    • Signal processing (FFT, FIR, complex multiplication…).

    SIRAL (2003) - POSEIDON 3 (2006) - ALTIKA (2007) – SADKO (2008) - SRAL (2009) – SENTINEL 3 (2010) - SWIM (2011) – POSEIDON 4 / JASON (2017)

  • Multiplexing/Demultiplexing very High Speed Video Channels

  • MUX : Multiplexer of fast video channels of type LNR3

    • Multiplexing is carried out from 80 channels to 11, each channel supporting a 6.6 Gb rate,

    • The equipment operates in a thermal vacuum chamber with strong

    • Vacuum chamber compliant

    Observation Space programs - CSO (2013) - HREOS (2017)

  • Special Check Out Equipment - SCOE

  • Functional Testing, Integration and Validation Test Benches


    NEXEYA designs complete HMI-driven systems (SCOE), integrating not only the systems described above but also more specific systems of acquisition, simulation or generation with provision of power supply, harnesses …


    • Subset developed specifically by NEXEYA or off-the-shelf products,

    • Rapid development raised by NEXEYA basic technology building bricks,

    • Equipment power supply protection and signal insulation,

    • Integration of several space serial buses, analog telemetry, high power commands,

    • Simulation of plasmic propulsion,

    • High level user test controller interface allowing synoptic development, database management, real time and post-processing.

  • Launcher Telemetry Reception, Decommutation and Processing

  • MAGALI Stations & Control Room


    With 30 years of experience in Telemetry, NEXEYA has developed high performance solutions, from the single system to the complete telemetry facility, for launcher operations follow up: final assembly, countdown, in-flight monitoring and post-flight analysis. MAGALI stations receive, acquire, simulate and analyze one to several PCM data streams (CCSDS) and can distributes data to numerous stations for visualization and processing. MAGALI solutions offer many benefits:


    • Open system, both configurable and upgradable,
    • Quick implementation,
    • Autonomous for totally secure data recording and archiving,
    • Redundant system,
    • Rapid integration of new tests,
    • Network architecture for configuration requirements and distribution.

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