Cables and Harness Testing



Ensure the integrity of both cables and harnesses is essential for the availability of equipment. Test and maintenance of wiring devices are rather expensive items. Any breakdown may bring on significant costs in search time and operating loss.


NEXEYA proposes two powerful ranges of products to check the electrical compliance of cables, harnesses, backplanes or any assembly of cables. These two complementary ranges cover all the needs for both production and maintenance.


Range CableTest is first intended for the characterization and test of cables on production lines. This range checks electrical continuity, insulation, and measurement of the analog components. CableTest products run simultaneous and high-speed testing of thousands of signals. They ensure compliance before delivery and implementation.


Range WiDD is intended to maintenance staff. WiDD system identifies and locates in a flash and precisely a failure of continuity or wear of an insulation in a cable. It significantly reduces the downtime of most critical equipment.


In addition, WiDD monitors the state of a cable. It alarms for degradation well before the appearance of a genuine defect to help maintenance teams to anticipate repairs. WiDD is a real predictive maintenance tool.


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