Frame Synchronizer


The FS20 Multi-function PCM Decommutator offers PCM decom, PCM simulator, IRIG time code reader/generator, and optional bit synchronizer in a single short PCI board slot. The simulator, decommutator, time code reader and time code generator are achieved on the board and the bit synchronizer is achieved through an optional low-profile daughterboard.

The IRIG Time Code Reader and Generator operate with IRIG A, B, or G time codes (in accordance with the IRIG Time Code Standards).

Both reader and generator are capable of operating at ½, 1, and 2 times the normal rate.



Key features

• PCI Multifunction PCM Decommutator including:

       - PCM Simulator with pre-mod filtering and BERT generating capability

       - PCM Simulator or BERT generating modes

       - PCM Decommutator with BERT reading capability

• IRIG Time Code Reader and IRIG Time Code Generator

• CLS-40-DB Bit Synchronizer Daughterboard - Optional (10, 20 or 25 Mbps)

• CVSD Voice, h.261 Video and IRIG Chapter 8 Decoding through LDPS-Pro Software

• Short PCI Board only 7.55 inches long

For a detailed description of the PCM Decommutator board, please download the FS20 datasheet


FS20 Technical File


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