Bit Synchronizer


The Bit Synchronizer Daughterboard provides optimal reconstruction of a serial PCM data stream that has been corrupted by noise, phase jitter, amplitude modulation, or base line variations. The all-digital design assures a high performance, consistent product, with excellent reliability and long-term stability.

A unique Built-in-Test feature allows performance verification for the Bit Synchronizer to ensure the highest level of operation. Various status indicators are available through the software.

The bit synchronizer also contains a BER reader as well as frame synch. pattern indicator.



Key Features

• PCM Data Rates up to 25 Mbps for NRZ-L (12.5 Mbps for Bi-Phase/Miller)

• Performance within 1 dB of theoretical to 10 Mbps (1.5 dB to 25 Mbps)

• All Digital Design ensures high reliability and long term performance

• Low power consumption

• Built-in-Test with internal BER measurement

For a detailed description of the Bit Synchronizer board, please download the BS20 datasheet


Fiche technique BS20


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