Simulateur PCM


The SIM20 board allows complex data streams to be generated for evaluation of bit synchronizers and PCM decommutator performance. It can also be used for uplink command generation to vehicles in flight, checkout of complete telemetry links, and playback of archived hard drive data in any format with the appropriate dll.

The SIM20 board is only 7 inches long and contains the dynamic simulator, IRIG Time Code Generator, and FM modulator (optional).

The design contains dual ported memory to allow one block of information to be created while another block is being output. Four pole Butterworth pre-modulation filtering are provided with selectable (1 of 4) filters (to be specified at the time of order).



Key Features

• Evaluate bit synchronizers and PCM decommutator performance

• Uplink command generation of PCM data stream with FM modulation

• Archival data playback allows generation of any format with appropriate dll

• Unlimited number of embedded data streams (through software)

• Error generation on a bit by bit basis including frame sync loss

• Embedded time (IRIG A, B, or G)

• Major Frame Lengths to 65,535 words per minor frame

• Data Rates up to 20 Mbps (NRZ codes), 10 Mbps for other codes

For a detailed description of the PCM Simulator board, please download the SIM20 datasheet


SIM20 Technical File


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