Multi-Band FM Receiver


The RCV-4S Multi-Band FM Receiver is a tri-band, single-slot, full length PCI FM Receiver. It is delivered with one, two, or three frequency bands.

This wideband design supports PCM data rates up to 20 Mbps and includes an FM demodulated output for PCM data, two 70 MHz IF outputs, AM and linear AGC outputs.

The design offers up to twelve IF Bandwidths and twelve Video Filters. AC coupling with a low frequency filter ensures a high quality data link with long strings of NRZ-L ones or zeroes.

The RCV-4S includes the driver for acquisition and communication with Magali.



Key features

• Single, Dual, or Tri-Band Single Slot PCI Receiver with FM Demodulation

• AM, Controlled AGC, and Linear AGC Outputs

• Supports Data Rates up to 20 Mbps

• 8 dB Noise Figure (maximum); 6dB (typical)

• 70 MHz IF Outputs from Down-converter and 70MHz IF input to IF Receiver

• Magali driver interface

For a detailed description of the Multi-Band FM Receiver, please download the RCV-4S datasheet


RCV-4S Technical File

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