Turnkey Telemetry Stations


With 30 years of experience in Telemetry, NEXEYA offers a wide range of solutions designed for flight tests, system integration and qualification tests, from portable system offering maximum mobility to complete telemetry room.


Our MAG200 product line, based on our MAGALI software, meets the most demanding requirements in terms of performance, safety and reliability. It offers users many features in a unique and always-friendly work environment.


Powerful and upgradeable, all our systems are fully compatible and can be integrated into a more global system in a Network Distributed Architecture.



  • Mobile Station

    MAGALI Mobile Station acquires, simulates and analyses PCM data streams, whatever the format: IRIG 106, CE83, CCSDS or DANIEL 90/2000....It offers many benefits: high performance, nomad, customizable…, it is an ideal solution for room and field applications.


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  • Rack-mount Station

    MAGALI Rack-mount Station integrates every function of the telemetry chain. Meeting highly demanding requirements in terms of performance and security, it can be one element of the Network Distributed Architecture to build mobile telemetry systems or complete telemetry rooms.



  • Portable Station

    The lightest solution but still very effective. MAGALI Portable Station is defined in numerous configurations, rugged or standard laptop PC with PCMCIA or PCI interface, or external USB communication module.


  • Ethernet Station

    Designed for PCM acquisition via IP networks, Ethernet station combines speed of multi-source network acquisitions, synchronization of software frames and best source selection. With this station, performance and security of telemetry decommutation are closely linked to network reception.

  • Telemetry Simulator Station

    Based on MAGALI Telemetry software, the RF Simulator Station includes all functionalities to test, qualify and maintain on field telemetry chains. It generates RF telemetry signal IRIG 106, CE83, CCSDS…, either by acquisition playback or data simulation.


    The Mobile Telemetry Simulator Station is a robust lunchbox and go-anywhere system suitable for harsh/severe environments and critical applications.




Complementary Software Tools


Best Source Selection (BSS): MAG-BSS module
Network Distributed Architecture (NDA): MAG-NDA module
Video Analysis: MAG-Vidéo module
3D Visualization: MAG-3D module




Telemetry Boards


Multi-band FM receiver: RCV_4S board
Bit synchronizer: BS10/20/30 board
Frame synchronizer: FS20/30 board
PCM/FM receiver and bit synchronizer: TTC_RCV board
Frame and bit synchronizer: TTC_DBS board
FM Simulator: SIM20 board