Flight test center – Ground test center


Missile - Aircraft - Launcher - UAV



With its strong technological expertise in telemetry and radar systems (tracking radar, electro-optical and infrared radar), and its industrial capability as a supplier of turnkey solutions, NEXEYA supports its customer all along the realization of test engineering center: development, design, manufacturing and training.

From the global need to the partial solution, our systems provide a flexible and efficient response to both requirements and constraints of test centers thanks to their proven equipment and centralized network architecture.



Our offer for conducting flight test:

  • Test preparation,
  • Simulation,
  • Test supervision (telemetry + launch + radar),
  • Remote control of telemetry ground stations and concentration of telemetry streams to the flight test center,
  • Visualization and real-time process of data and videos,
  • Data and video post processing,
  • Data servers




Various advantages:

    • Solutions based on NEXEYA COTS products or provided by our partners
    • Open solutions in distributed network
    • Easy upgrades / enhancements throughout the life of the system
    • Capability to fit into an existing system
    • A single software base for all subsystems and tools
    • Customization to meet specific requirements


We provide highly qualified teams all along the project, together with our professionalism and mastery of large scale projects.


NEXEYA strong partnership policy and constant investment in the MRO of our systems allows us to extend our commitment and to accompany our client in the long term.


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