Stationary Energy Storage Solutions

& Central Energy Management System


NEXEYA designs and manufactures energy storage solutions to alleviate intermittent renewable energies.


These stationary energy storage systems offer high storage capacity (up to several MWh) and medium to high restitution capacities (up to MW).


Our solutions are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Major advantages:

      • Standalone: : Production, storage and on-site energy consumption. Network connection not required. Decentralized model.

      • Strong and reliable: : Guarantee of continuity of service, Solution adapted to integration in harsh conditions (tropical region, saline environment, cold …).

      • Clean: : No CO2 emissions and no noise pollution, unlike oil-fired generators.

      • Modular: : Solution adapts according to power requirements, ranging from kW to a few hundred kW, and allowing storage up to several MWh.

      • Easy to maintain: Reduced maintenance, remote expertise possible, no need for fuel supply.

  • Solutions based on hybrid technology. Batteries / Hydrogen Chain

  • Solutions de Stockage d’Energie

  • Centralized control of energy stored and produced (Energy Management System):

      • Smart energy management based on use, objectives and weather conditions.

      • Supervision of the entire system local or remote.

      • First level of remote maintenance (diagnostics, parameter adjustment, expertise…).











































    • What use?

      • Offline (OFF GRID), electrification of isolated sites: villages, buildings and refuges, bases of life (scientific, military, humanitarian, ...), industrial site (mining, ...) ...

        Solutions de Stockage d’Energie

      • Backup, emergency generator: datacenters, airports, hospitals …

      • Additional to network (ON GRID): Eco-district, BEPOS buildings …

    • Type of station according to energy requirements:

    • Model

      Smart energy management system

      Stored energy

      Power output
      from the fuel cell

      Power output
      from the batteries

      Typical application


      Small energy
       storage station






      (from 56kWh up to 1,5MWh)




      up to 10kW




      Electrification of villages,
      Data Centers,
      Industrial sites, mines,
      Military camps...


      Medium energy storage station






      (from 56kWh up to 1,5MWh)




      up to 50kW


      Large energy
      storage station





      (Up to several MWh)


      up to 30kW


      up to 250kW


      Very large energy storage station





      Several MWh


      up to MW


      Several MW


      Electrification of villages or Cities,
      Industrial sites, …



    • Example of projects:

      • Energy storage and retrieval system for an Energy-Plus-House (Business incubator in France) in Greater Angoulême :

      Solutions de Stockage d’Energie


      • Development of "small power" systems ideally suited for remote sites (island sites and mountain refuges) :
      • ·  Adapted to extreme climatic constraints,
        ·  Easily transportable by helicopter,
        ·  The study of these systems are carried out in partnership with MAHYTEC, GEST HYDROGEN and H2SYS.

      • Hy-DATA project: Development of a backup group for a Data Center in Montbéliard:

        ·  One of the winners of the national call for projects "Hydrogen Territories"
        ·  Project in partnership with the company MAHYTEC and the laboratory FC LAB.


      • ATLANTECH-H Project: Development of energy management at the level of an eco-district:

        ·  One of the winners of the national call for projects "Hydrogen Territories",
        ·  Project in partnership with many partners.


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