Embedded acquisition in harsh environment


SACHA range is designed for test engineers to test equipment under very severe conditions: aircraft systems, armored vehicles, airborne cargo, and crash tests.


With its modular structure (multi slots), SACHA systems perform various combination to acquire a multitude of signals:

    • Analog signals : voltage, strain gage, accelerometers, potentiometer, temperatures, with analog filters options
    • Digital bus signal: serial lines, CAN, MIL STD1553, ARINC, DIGIBUS, and any kind of specific bus on request.


SACHA has its own SSD local storage for its acquisition. It can, simultaneously broadcast its measurements through an Ethernet or a PCM link.
SACHA may also be used as a recorder for external devices such as our video encoders or other manufacturers' devices.
An important feature of SACHA is its battery which can be used as a protection against platform power losses or as an autonomous power supply when no other power source is available.





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