TEL 410


TEL 410

Remote control (wired)


Remote commands : Power ON/OFF, record ON/OFF, TOP


Displays : Power, recording, System OK


Connectors for IRIG B signal and Ethernet,










VGA to PAL converter :


When onboard displays must be captured simultaneously with system parameters


Conversion of VGA images to interlaced PAL or NTSC video


VGA resolution : from 640x480 to 1600x1200


 Temp : 0..70°C




GPS synchronized IRIG B generator


12 satellite channels receiver


Internal high precision clock allows continuous IRIG B generation even when GPS signal is lost

 Temp : -10..+ 60°C


 Dimensions : 231 (H) x 143 (W) x 56 (D) mm


 Weight : 1.750 kg



Transport and protection boxes


Fiber boxes with internal foam for an extra level of protection of a SACHA acquisition system


Available for 3 and 6 slots versions


Dimensions : 159 (H) x 205 (D) x 223/276 mm (W)


Weight : COF03 : 1.7 kg COF06 : 2.5 kg



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