Wireless Embedded Acquisition



LISA is a wireless system to acquire analog parameters. Flexible and robust LISA can be installed everywhere to retrieve data and share them for analysis and reporting.

LISA simplifies the installation of test systems by reducing wiring and power supply needs. It is a top solution when wiring is difficult or even impossible; helicopter rotors, moving parts of machines, on-ground sensor transmission are typical examples of LISA applications.

LISA is composed of several modules for multiple modes of operation to support any kind of applications.  It is really easy to organize and configure an efficient combination of modules for an in-flight test system.

Up to 8 acquisition modules (i.e total of 132 channels) can be used in the same test installation. Data sampling is isosynchronous over all modules.


Each acquisition module is equipped with a local removable storage (SD card) and can be used as an independent data logger.








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