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Our technical team for secure control and monitoring system is composed of engineers specialized in automation and supervision.
This pool of experts implements control and monitoring systems to meet the process requirements with a high level of safety and availability.


Our strength: answer all project needs and offer comprehensive support all along project life.




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Our services operates in the energy, defense, nuclear and large instrument sectors and cover the entire life cycle of high value added systems.

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Our skills


General technical activities:

  • Construction of safety automation architectures: Selection of processor, sensors and pre-actuators
  • Failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis (FMECA)
  • Fault tree analysis, system review and analysis of repercussions
  • Determine the system maintainability by MTTR calculations

Implementation of secure systems, compliant to IEC61508, IEC61511 standards:

  • Study, design and validation of safety instrumented functions (SIF)
  • Definition of SIL levels and analysis of technological barriers and users
  • Architecture and assembly of “certifiable” software & hardware components
  • Evaluation of SIL levels reached, calculation of the availability and reliability of our solutions
  • SIL2: Specific developments based on TR market system and specific electronics
  • SIL3/PLe: SIEMENS, PILZ, "Safety" software functions
  • SIL4: HIMA

Realization of control and instrumentation systems

  • Compliant to nuclear safety standards, IEC61226, IEC61513 and RCCE
  • Specific studies: SDF/SN
  • Definition of categories
  • Hardware System Qualification (earthquake, CEM,…) and Software
  • Category C (K1, C1), Category B (K2, C2) on specific developments

Our ability to study, realize and integrate specific electronic systems:

  • Conditionings
  • Power
  • Hard-wired logic
  • ...

They Trust NEXEYA

ECI is a system included in the Laser Mega Joule (LMJ) project carried out by company CEA CESTA. ECI is a system composed with most of the components set in the SE Experiment Room.

    1. Technology:
      • Safety SIL3 (Siemens language CEI 61131-3)
      • ALCATEL LUCENT Network
      • Communication Profinet CBA / Servers OPC
      • Equipment simulator SIMAC
      • Supervision Package PANORAMA E² (PFC4)
    2. Safe management of primary and secondary vacuum facilities in the SE
    3. Management of 44 noses chamber
    4. Safe management of equatorial SAS facilities, Overall supervision of all ECI installations
    5. Volume: more than 10,000 I / O of which 20% safe
    6. Volume man power: 30,000 hours of study and realization

PETAL is a most powerful tool designed to reproduce on a reduced scale the physical conditions where the fusion mechanisms are at the origin of an exceptional energy release.

    1. Technology:
      • Standard for the C/C and functional measure (Siemens CEI611131-3), National Instrument)
      • Communication Profinet CBA / Servers OPC
      • Supervision package PANORAMA E²
    2. NEXEYA is in charge of the supply of 4 sets of Energy for the PETAL laser (250KA under 25KV)
    3. Implementation of multi business skills:
      • Power electronics
      • Electric and mechanic engineering
      • Secure control system
      • Studies SdF & SLI
    4. Volume man power: 10 000 hours for study and realization

Control / Monitoring / Measurement Systems for M51 Missile Storage and Launcher

    1. Technology:
      • Automation: Quantum, Unit Pro package
      • Redundant for the C/C (Schneider Quantum CEI 61131-3)
      • ALCATEL LUCENT network
      • Communication DCOM OPC and Modbus TCP
      • Equipment simulator SIMAC
      • Supervision package PANORAMA E²
    2. Realization of the hardware and software definition for the two DC systems and safety functions SIL2
    3. Hardware integration, development and validation of the two systems on the French sites CNIM (Toulon) and CELM
    4. Participation to the shootings on the CELM site
    5. Volume man power: 30 000 hours of study and realization

Implementation of Dissuasive Weapon: System M51

    1. Specific technology VME OS RT (LYNX OS)
    2. Secure control system level SIL2 for the system
    3. Production of electronic conditioning cards in VME format
    4. Hardware and software production of cabinets and processing tubes computers and conditioning
    5. Hardware and software management of cabinets and processors for centralized processing.
    6. Hardware and software management of cabinets and processors for sequence processing.
    7. Volume 6000 I/O secure per submarine.

Mechanical Implementation System of the Missile M51 (handling means)

    1. Standard SIL4 technology standard SIL4 on platform HIMA PLANAR 4 (machines HIMA in wired logic).
    2. Realization of the hardware definition and configuration of the PLANAR 4.
    3. Hardware production and wiring of logical equations.
    4. Hardware integration and implementation of dedicated simulators
    5. Volume 120 I/O secure.

Control and monitoring system on the vertical launch system of the Naval SCALP Missile for FREMM Frigates

    1. Standard SIL3 technology on platforms HIMATRIX (Hima) and PREMIUM (Schneider) with Unity Pro.
    2. Implementation of the hardware and software definition of the two CC systems (functional and secure).
    3. Hardware and software production
    4. Hardware/software Integration with implementation of dedicated simulators.
    5. Volume: more than 100 MLV boxes made 192 I / O per box, of which 50% are secure.