Industrial control-command systems
(cement, agrochemical, energy processes...)


With over than 30 years of successful experience in control systems and application development for materials, energy, environment and chemical industries, NEXEYA offers industrial solutions FACTORY CORE and DISPATCH with its associated offer of support and business expertise.


FACTORY CORE is a solution for both control and automation of industrial sites. It is a Digital Control Command system that covers all requirements in terms of industrial automation, supervision and installation driving. The main elements to make the difference are: its durability, simplicity to install and maintain from inputs /outputs in the production workshop up to exchanges with business management applications.


DISPATCH is a “self-service terminal” to local manage shipments and reception for production centers (plants or workshop) or for processing units (waste management) in connection with management applications (ERP).



Factory Core : control, supervision and automation of industrial sites


  • Main assets

    • System operates 24/7 for the long term.

    • Solution based on open systems (Linux, CPU Intel) and standard hardware of the market (COTS) for more durability.

    • Flexibility and modularity: architecture adapts to different uses and reusable components.

    • Scalable solution perfectly adapted to specific requirements (ex: revamping).

    • Integrated system based on a distributed architecture to give availability, reliability and advanced performances.

    • Appropriation and ownerships costs controlled with :
      • - Selling prices under control,
      • - Easy to learn and use,
      • - Efficiency in development, operation and maintenance.

    • Consideration of maintenance in operational conditions, upgrades and management of obsolescence.

    • Extended services (Solution FC_TotalCare): user support, preventive and corrective maintenance (software, hardware), Renewal and periodic upgrading (7 years).

    • Trusted solution: Factory Core and previous products are present in over 100 industrial sites in more than 20 countries, mainly in the cement industry (France, Jordan, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Algeria, Sudan ...).


  • Architecture

    • Tried and tested generic equipment:
      • - Distributed inputs/outputs on field networks: Profibus, Rio, …,
      • - Controllers (PLC function): Intel Compact processors PCI,
      • - Application servers: Industrial PCs on Linux or Windows,
      • - Operators or engineers: thin or fat clients on Windows, Linux, Android.

    • Distributed architecture: each data generating component (server, controller) makes its information available to subscribers in order to build a distributed real-time database, giving the system both robustness and performance.

    • Same applies to processing operations which are mainly carried out by the controllers alleviating thus supervision tasks.

    • Using event mode, either in terms of exchanges or program execution, gives the system its ability to handle large volumes of inputs / outputs and applications without significant impact on its load.

    • The system adapts perfectly to your project size, from the small "all in one" system (automation and supervision on the same machine) to larger system supporting up to 128 clients (servers, fat clients, controllers ),




  • Supervision : synoptics, alarms, curves and reports

    HMI development environment (synoptics): vectorial HMI editor to define animations or interactions with the supervised elements.

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    Dispatch: Self-service kiosks with multiple functionalities


  • Main functions

    • Management of shipments and receptions (linked with the ERP):
      • - Identification,
      • - Preparation, piloting and control of bulk loads and pallets,
      • - Validation of shipment : issue of delivery notes based on data transmitted to the ERP,
      • - Preparation and control of unloading,
      • - Validation of receipts: send reception elements to the ERP for stock and accounting,

    • Bridges:
      • - Drive road bridges carrying out weighing at different stages

    • Automation:
      • - Interface with load automation systems for products delivered in bulk for example.

    • Supervision of the platform:
      • - Synoptic, alarm, diagnosis, processing of errors.

  • Key advantages

    • Multifunction interactive terminals (wall, stand, etc.) with an integrated development environment: synoptics, grafcets …

    • Open system: based on exchanges between databases (ERP) / local unit.

    • Secure transactions :
      • - From ordering to delivery and loading, no manipulation of data from order (sensitive product),
      • - The process includes inherent securities of the products shipped: container cleanliness, loading history, data consistency, quality control…

    • Availability:
      • - Degraded mode: identical operation even during temporary absence of the ERP, recovery of the periodic commands in order to have a framework of local orders,
      • - "Night" mode management: secure access to the platform.

    • Cut of costs and extension of time slots