Flight Debriefing



MAG DEBRIEF is an intuitive and user-friendly tool intended to pilots, ISR operators and ground staff for replay of recorded flight sequences with high realism.


Rugged recorders are integrated into aircrafts in order to store the data acquired throughout the flight: parameters (speed, trajectory, position, altitude…), video, and audio data. From these recordings, MAG DEBRIEF can read, analyze and replay the flight sequences of one or more aircrafts simultaneously.


MAG DEBRIEF restore very realistic scenes with smooth 3D/2D animation of aircrafts and targets on the field. The animation is created from recorded flight data (position and altitude parameters). The fields are based on a customizable database of real fields which makes the 3D fields very realistic. A large range of aircrafts or other mobiles are available, new ones can also be created.


For different point of view, the camera is positioned on the plane, free or on a target. Zoom function can be activated. Aircraft trajectory can be displayed as a ribbon.


The videos are synchronized with the other data, no matter the reading speed. Display are obtained from compressed videos (MPEG and JPEG). MAG DEBRIEF allows management of deinterlacing, ratio and image rotation.


Flight parameters are extracted from 1553 or PCM messages and displayed as curves or avionic instruments on customizable frames.











MAGDEBRIEF Main Configurations


Cartridges Up to 4
Cartridge formats ENERTEC, IRIG 106 Capter 10
Configuration Pilot name / Aircrafts / Mission / Layout Cartridge / Files Digital busses
Time Synchronous multi-cartridge replay Time offset adjustment on various missions Management of noticeable events
Parameter display Curves, chart, Avionics instruments
Video Rotation, deinterlacing, OSD
3D Navigation 3D or 2D mode, summary mode Selection of camera “point of view” Zoom /Trajectory track /Tooltips
Replay Position of noticeable events Variable speed







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