Integration, Validation and Control Platforms




ALYSA™ has been designed to help Aerospace, Railways and Automotive industries in the design, integration and validation of their critical systems.


ALYSA™ constitutes a family of highly integrated and versatile platforms designed to create generic or special purpose test systems.


The unique characteristic of ALYSA™ is its integral approach to customer requests. ALYSA™ provides a complete solution meeting all customer needs to perform testing activities: Verification and Validation (V&V) process, test methodology, generic test suites, test system core software, as well as the test system hardware platform.


ALYSA™ can be used from very early stage of safety-critical systems development for simulation and run test driven conception, up to final certification.



Complete solution for multiple applications

Design activities (through modelling and simulation),
Operation simulation and optimization (traffic improvement, energy savings …),
Equipment and sub-system integration and validation,
System integration and validation,
Maintenance and obsolescence management,
System qualification,
Safety demonstration,
Site and on-board diagnostics,
Operator and user training.




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