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DIGIBUS digital bus, defined in the 1980s, is a military communication bus. It performs data exchange between different on-board equipment.




Two boards are proposed:



The board is a controller that can simulate a manager and several subscriber. This board performs traffic simulation to test equipment under development or maintenance for example. It can provide simultaneously a full acquisition of the traffic (monitor function)



The board is derived from the previous one, this board is limited to the spy function and performs a full dated recording of the traffic either on a test bench or during operation.



Both boards are compatible with boarding conditions on aircraft or armored vehicles. They adapt PCI, PCIexpress, CompactPCI structures thanks to format adapters.

We provide as well additional materials:

  • Cables, Terminal blocks, Termination resistors

  • Digibus workstation : compact and portable station

  • BusView software : define interactively a DIGIBUS frame, activate, trace and record exchanges between the various devices.

  • Overview of an installation


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