Signal Conditioning


Protection of equipment, adaptation to sensor features and relay of logic outputs.


Our STB and BCI100 ranges provide, in form of terminals or double Europe boards, complete conditioning solutions for industrial inputs/outputs.


BCI300 range is intended for metrological applications where criteria of both precision and long-term stability are decisive. This range offers many possibilities for PT100 / PT1000 thermocouple conditioning, gauge bridge, LVDT, piezo with integrated electronic, …


BCI100 and BCI300 boards are integrated in racks, STB terminal blocks are clipped onto standard DIN rails






STB conditioning terminal blocks

  • Digital I/O conditioning
  • Counting conditioning
  • Analog I/O conditioning
  • Passive terminal blocks. Connector adapters


BCI 100

  • Passive terminal blocks. Connector adapters
  • Digital I/O and counting conditioning
  • Analog I/O conditioning
  • Sub-rack


BCI 300

  • Digital I/O and counting Analog I/O conditioning
  • Tests and controls
  • Subrack





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