Data Cruncher MAG-DATaRec4


The DATaRec4 is an acquisition system combining flexibility, high speed, accuracy and high synchronization. It benefits from the expertise of Zodiac Data Systems in Automotive and Flight Tests.

With more than 1400 licences used all over the world, the acquisition and analysis software MAGALI is a reference in multisource data acquisition and processing systems.

From the alliance of both leaders results the MAG - DATaRec4 solution, a cost-effective and flexible Data Acquisition System with optimum performances.

Data Cruncher


Key Features

• Run simultaneously all sources

• PCM, MIL-STD-1533, A-ARINC-429, Video, Voice, analogues extraction

• Real time and post-processing functions : visualization, analysis, alarms, reports...

• Network Distributed architecture available

For a detailed description of Data cruncher DATaRec4 station, please download the datasheet :


Station MAG_DATAREC4 Technical file

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