Digital Bus MAG-300


MAG_300/DBS-M is a compact and mobile station with all the necessary features to exchange data with different kinds of equipment communicating via digital buses such as MIL-STD-1553, A-ARINC-429, A-ARINC-664, DIGBUS ....


MAG_300/DBS-M includes the digital buses MAGALI suite offering acquisition functions, accompanied by an extensive set of tools for data display and analysis, replay and data extraction.




Key Features


· All Major numerical buses supported: MIL-STD-1553, A-ARINC-429, A-ARINC-664, DIGIBUS...

· Advanced tools for analysis and fault detection

· IRIG-B time input for stamping and synchronisation

· Modular and open architecture

· Acquisition, control and data simulation

· Network architecture option for remote control or distribution

· From Compact format to rackable installation

· Real time and post-processing functions



For a detailed description of the digital bus station MAG-300, please download the datasheet :

Station MAG_300_NBS_M technical file

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