The Digibus board supports a full implementation of the French military communication bus Digibus. It fully complies with the Digibus GAM-T101 standard. The Digibus board implements a redundant bus. It can be used in ground applications such as test benches and maintenance tools or involved in embedded airborne systems.


The Digibus board can support simultaneously the 3 main functions of Digibus :

Bus controller : it rules the traffic on the bus by emitting data on the "procedure" communication line.


Terminal equipments : it can act as one or several terminal equipments listening the commands on procedure communication line and emitting or receiving the data of the data communication line.


Monitor (spy) : it acquires and records the complete data traffic on the bus.




Key features


· IRIG-B Datation under 1 µs of resolution

· PCI 32-bit bus interface

· PMC Format conduction cooled

· Magali driver interface



For a detailed description of the DIGIBUS Board, please download the datasheet


A-Digibus technical file

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