High performance intelligent PCI board offering full function test, simulation, monitoring and analyser functions for ARINC-664 (Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet) networks.


It’s unique on board processing capability, memory  resources, customised A-ARINC-664 MACs and IRIG-B time code decoder/ generator gives A-ARINC-664 users unparalleled features for the most demanding A-ARINC-664  applications.


The A-ARINC-664 board provides two A-ARINC-664 ports being configured as two single or one dual redundant ports each implementing a 10/100Mbit Full Duplex Ethernet interface.


664 Board


Key Features


· Two advanced 600 MHz XSCALE Processors on board

· Designed for applications such as:

. Test & Verification of ‘End Systems’

. ‘Switch’ Testing

. Monitoring of traffic between ‘End Systems’ & ‘Switch’

. Inter Switch Traffic Analysis

. Multi Stream High Level System Integration

· Programmable Ports - Traffic Simulator and Receiver/Monitor Concurrently Synchronised Timing across Multiple Modules



For a detailed description of the A-ARINC-664 Board, please download the datasheet.


A-ARINC 664 technical file

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