The A-ARINC-429 board offers full function test, simulation, monitoring and databus analyser capabilities for A-ARINC-429 applications on up to 32 channels concurrently 4, 8 and 16 channels can be programmed by software for Receive (Rx) or Transmit (Tx) mode.


The A-ARINC-429 board supports up to 8 discrete input signals and 8 discrete output signals monitored or generated.


An on-board IRIG-B time code decoder and generator allows users to accurately synchronise to a common time source.


The A-ARINC-429 board uses hardware design utilising multiple RISC processors which means that all channels can operate concurrently at A-ARINC-429 high or low bit rates with the intelligence to process data in real time.


429 Board


Key features


· 4, 8 and 16 channels for Receive (Rx) or Transmit (Tx) mode

· Real time monitoring of up to 32 A-ARINC-429 Receiver Channels concurrently controlled by an on-board RISC Processor.

· Transmission rates selectable for each channel at 12.5 Kbits/sec or 100 Kbits/sec

· 16 off Discrete Input/ Output ports, for monitoring and control of external application,  with a wide range voltage characteristics.

· On-board 'IRIG-B' time code decoder and generator allowing  synchronisation of A-ARINC-429 channels. 



For a detailed description of the A-ARINC-429 Board, please download the datasheet


A-ARINC 429 Technical file.

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