Measure and Telemetry Software


MAGALI software suite has been developed for test engineers. It was built and developed in close partnership with test centre teams.

MAGALI controls acquisition, generation and data analysis from different sources: acquisition of physical signals, digital buses, telemetry… in real-time, post-processing and replay modes.

MAGALI is a most intuitive, complete and easy to use tool, used in more than 25 countries all over the world, with more than 1400 licences sold.

 Key points
  • Test oriented product.
  • Complete system for acquisition, generation, visualization data analysis in real time.
  • Scalable product: it easily inserts processing or I/O modules.
  • Network Distributed Architecture: MAGALI can be extended to multiple stations to increase performances.
  • Open product, easy to customize, and that facilitates communication with other systems.
  • Multilingual software, available in English and French, quickly translated to any other language.
  • Multiplatform product (Windows, Linux and Real Time OS), to fit with both development environments and technical constraints.
  • Management of numerous protocols and data source formats.
  • Many additional modules: video, 3D, engineering graphic objects libraries...

 Magali at the core of systems

MAGALI is the core of single-source acquisition systems for data recording and analysis, but it is also the basis for multi-source systems. The scalability of its network architecture makes it possible to build technologically advanced systems.

MAGALI is designed to develop a wide range of systems : from ultra-portable pocket PCs to standard systems : industrial rack-mount, portable systems, desk PCs, laptops, tablet PCs...

With the Network Distributed Architecture (NDA), Magali can be extended to networked architectures of dozens of PCs, building high-performance monitoring or surveillance systems.

 Modularity and openness

MAGALI offers numerous basic analysis and visualisation functions to effectively process the data, as well as high-performance additional extension modules: 3D, video, analysers, specific analysis, Best Source Selector, ...

MAGALI can handle numerous input/output types, physical signals or digital busses and perfectly adapts to any new message. A few examples buses: 1553, ARINC, 429, ARINC-664, CAN, DIGIBUS, serial, Ethernet, analogue, discrete signalscounters...


MAGALI can be customised and completed to effectively handle numerous applications : equipment control tools, telemetry reception stations, test data analysis tools, acquisition benches, test benches, equipment automatic test benches, mission debriefing systems, Quicklook associated to an equipment, monitoring system.... This list evolves regularly.

Development kits (SDK) have been designed to develop new user functions to adapt the software to specific requirements. An ergonomic interface is provided to facilitate algorithm integration.


In complement to Magali PRO, Magali is also available in several versions to perfectly fit your needs. Thanks to its native compatibility with Kallisté it offers you infinite possibilities of customizations.

Magali Embedded
Magali LITE
Magali PRO
Magali PRO + KALLISTE Magali édition
Test setup
Real time acquisition
Data storage
Real time visualization
Post processing visualization
Post processing analysis
Display customization
Macro editor
Test report
Kallisté real time addon module
Kallisté post processing addon module

Magali embedded is the “middleware” version of Magali. It is the perfect solution for custom solutions and black box systems:

Magali LITE focuses on the main functionalities without any compromise. Setup, Acquire and analyse your data.

Magali PRO is the complete package. All Magali features are included.

Kallisté PRO synoptic editor is now natively used in Magali (from version 5.5).
It is possible to use Kallisté to create amazing Real Time displays and powerful post processing interfaces. It makes the difference!
Kallisté offers also all functionalities allowing to build a fully customized application to setup and manage Magali systems (real time and post processing).
Licence to be acquired separately.

Kallisté "Magali Edition" is a lite version of Kallisté, one unique acqusition driver is propsed: Magali driver.