Supervision and Test Monitoring


KALLISTÉ is a software dedicated to the development of applications for test, production or maintenance activities whatever the industrial sector: Aeronautics, Defence, Space, Transport, Energy…

KALLISTÉ enables to quickly create, without any programming, applications for real-time monitoring of qualification/validation tests, control of measuring instruments, supervision of industrial processes, or for any other activity requiring a customized animated graphical user interface.

KALLISTÉ is based on an intuitive programming concept (NO CODE). There is no need for a language nor a macro-language. Programs are simply written with English sentences using drag and drop operations; words are suggested according to the use context.

KALLISTÉ provides all the necessary resources to easily create and generate personalised applications, which can be upgraded to meet future needs.

Ease of use, significant time savings in the development and flexibility in project management make KALLISTÉ a modern and efficient development environment, fully in line with the current and future needs of industry.

Avionic project
Advanced numeric display
Pipe project

 How does Kallisté work?

  • Kallisté is a complete programming environment. It therefore includes the three main components of such software:
    • An integrated editor to create applications
    • A symbolic debugger
    • A standalone execution kernel
  • Kallisté is based on objects:
    • The user can expand his resources in several ways and without limit
    • The system is fully polymorphic: users do not have to manage data types and formats
    • It is entirely event-driven: no algorithms are required to manage the application
    • It is natively fully multithreaded with no need for user intervention
  • Kallisté does not impose anything:
    • Organization of projects as you wish: as many displays as you want, organization into folders, organization of used objects into groups of objects, etc
    • Use of different types of control objects: with a human-machine interface to display or enter data and/or parameters, or without interface
    • Standardization of control appearance and style for consistent displays, without any modification
  • Kallisté is designed for maximum portability and ease of implementation:
    • It supports the most widely used operating systems
    • It creates self-installing applications
    • It includes a development toolkit to extend the range of objects
  • Kallisté is more than a data acquisition software:
    • It embeds objects for data analysis, conversion and data exchange
    • It is able to create hardware independent user interfaces
Interface Kalliste
Why using Kallisté?
 Product benefits
  • Fully integrated development environment
  • Does not require traditional programming knowledge (data type and format, syntax…)
  • Integrated symbolic debugger
  • Fully event-oriented
  • No timer required for synoptics and screen refreshes, less processor resources required
  • Fully polymorphic
  • Multi-task environment
  • Enables the creation of Run Time applications for distribution
  • Fully expandable and documented
  • Anyone can add new features to the software
  • Manages numerous protocols and standards
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry
  • “Resource” gain: Few skills are required, simple algorithmic knowledge is enough to develop applications. The "developer" resources can therefore focus on higher value-added expertise tasks.
  • Time saving: The development cycle is reduced. The specialists take charge of the application development by themselves.
  • Scalability/maintainability: Kallisté allows modification of the applications at any time to follow your needs.
  • Flexibility: With Kallisté, you have complete control of your project, you can define and adapt it to new requirements: adding resources, organisation, customisation...
Example of Applications
 Synoptic editing for flight tests

Use on board or in the telemetry room to validate prototype aircrafts or units in production.

  • Control positioning reproduction
  • Time plots of aerodynamic parameters
Avionic project
supervision aircraft project
  • Partial or complete reproduction of cockpit
Cockpit reproduction project
 Cartography/Trajectography for real-time flight tracking
  • Mobile trajectography
  • Display of antenna LOS Diagram
  • Antenna direction indication
 Control of power equipment via Ethernet
  • Programming of equipment through an IP protocol
  • Equipment Monitoring and supervision
 Supervision of aircraft engine tests
  • Bleed air regulation synoptic
Pipe project
 Supervision of missile propulsion tests
  • Hydraulic valve controls
  • Display of system data (pressure, thermocouple states)
  • Report creation
 Bench interface for electrical connector testing
  • MPT Tester control - NEXEYA CANADA cable test solution
  • Status visualization
  • Report creation
 Supervision of generic test benches
  • Supervision of pyrotechnic installations
  • Adaptation of applications according to customer needs
   Transport / Automotive
 Supervision of railway/metro installations
 Smart motorsports - RGeConcept

  • Flow test bench designed for engine development and optimization.
  • Automated bench dedicated to the verification of a camshaft
  • Gas velocity analysis tool
 Replay of Formula 1 circuit laps
   Research & Development
 Augmented reality
  • Display of data on augmented reality glasses for maintenance or implementation of test facilities
  • Support of Android platforms
AR project
 Test tool interfaces
  • Ground radar test case interface
Ground radar test case interface
Ground radar test case interface
  • WiDD Harness Test Tool Interface - NEXEYA FRANCE Product
 “MEASURE” learning kit for students
  • Raspberry PI 3 - 1 Kallisté dedicated version
Raspberry pi
Raspberry pi Kalliste
Kalliste raspberry project
Kalliste raspberry project