Test Centre Solutions

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 Test Centre Solutions

For over 30 years, NEXEYA is involved with many test centers, and has developed a strong expertise in telemetry, flight test data processing, flight termination systems and in infrastructure control.
As a systems integrator, we provides full or part, fixed or mobile solutions perfectly suited to a wide range of military and aerospace vehicle tests: launchers, military aircrafts and helicopters, drones, missiles...
Our solutions apply to a wide range of applications: system integration, equipment validation, flight test and operational missions…, and are compatible with the highest requirements.
They combine modularity and flexibility to be deployed in multiple architectures, redundancy for increased reliability and are customizable for easy set up.
Based on the latest standards and off-the-shelf components (COTS), our flight test installations offer great scalability and easy upgrading at any time.
In addition, NEXEYA offers tailor-made services (hotline, on-site installation, training, maintenance...) for optimal commissioning, continuous operation and long-term sustainability.

 Main Features
  • Tried and tested products
  • From COTS sub-systems to complete installations
  • Secure and reliable architecture
  • Customizable solutions (operation and integration)
  • Multiple configurations of use
  • Modular and scalable to meet ever-growing needs
  • Turnkey solutions (installation, training)
Test Centre
Test Centre
 Our offer for Flight Test
  • Flight Termination Systems: fixed or mobile configuration
  • Real-time telemetry control room
  • Customized telemetry shelter
  • Infrastructure control and supervision (MCS)
  • Test control and monitoring
  • Real-time flight tracking : Trajectography, cartography
  • Data centres, Web service
  • Dedicated software suite: MAGALI, EXITIALIS, KALLISTE
  • Customized services (on-site installation, training, hotline)