NEXEYA provides both aircraft manufacturers and integrators, satellites and space launchers with state-of-the-art test and integration facilities to carry out their programs. Our systems are based on our advanced electronics expertise and know-how and our wide product portfolio.


    NEXEYA has long provided the defense sector with on-board equipment, command control systems, telemetry equipment, … and required supports to install the delivered systems. We are committed to offer our customer expertise, advice and training so that they approach their test campaigns in complete confidence.


    NEXEYA is fully aware of the challenge of energy management and sustainable development, and we are therefore focusing our research and innovation efforts on the development of sustainable, high-performance solutions for energy storage and return based on renewable energies.


    NEXEYA provides design and development capabilities to build today's transportation and for the most ambitious programs the systems of tomorrow. In addition, our company offers operating companies solutions to maintain and make the most of their equipment.